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Where Does A Journey Start?

Hello!  Here's my first blog post and I am wondering where to start.  I'm very glad to be a student on Dave Nicholson's course, because it offers what I need - a course of weekly tasks with video instruction to get me over the technical bits, which I find great as the computer is so visual.  My journey started over two years ago with a desire to work from home, slowly finding out the options and the people to watch.  I was daunted by all the skills I needed to put together; excited by the possibilities.

This is a new phase for me; I've realised I need some assistance and contact with people and that working it all out for myself is not for me.  Some people can do it, but I need some instruction and some feedback.  At first, I was not keen on writing a blog - I don't mind writing, but what was I going to write about? 

A blog is simply another way to communicate, so I will try to write the things that I like in a blog - useful information when I have it, inspiration and most of all a story.  I find that I gain from hearing what other people are doing, not just because I learn tips but because I think to myself "Here's a human being not that different to me doing this thing, so I can do it too". 

Here's to finding and fitting together the pieces of the jigsaw and earning an online income!

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