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Eating Elephants

My revelation at New Year was that I needed to have my small steps in place in order to move forward.  I was looking at the mammoth (or elephant) task and didn't know where to start.

It is a little like the difference between watching a movie and making a movie - you have to work out how to move the story to that final scene you can picture so clearly.

For too long I was fixed on the ending of the film (seeing my new lifestyle).  It was important for me to know my destination, but I also need a script or map to get me there.

I have shorter and longer-term projects, all helping me towards my larger goals.  What I was missing was the little goals within the small projects.

I have been writing each week, but need to move three small projects forward together.  Distractions have to be fought against - these steal time from family and friends time as well as from work time. 

So there weren't any New Year's resolutions this year - I had to work on my planning.  Just do it.  Slowly, inch by inch, I am doing it.