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Eating Elephants

My revelation at New Year was that I needed to have my small steps in place in order to move forward.  I was looking at the mammoth (or elephant) task and didn't know where to start.

It is a little like the difference between watching a movie and making a movie - you have to work out how to move the story to that final scene you can picture so clearly.

For too long I was fixed on the ending of the film (seeing my new lifestyle).  It was important for me to know my destination, but I also need a script or map to get me there.

I have shorter and longer-term projects, all helping me towards my larger goals.  What I was missing was the little goals within the small projects.

I have been writing each week, but need to move three small projects forward together.  Distractions have to be fought against - these steal time from family and friends time as well as from work time. 

So there weren't any New Year's resolutions this year - I had to work on my planning.  Just do it.  Slowly, inch by inch, I am doing it.


An Encouraging Word

Back at my blog after an absence of many moons... how did I overcome the inertia? I am trying to spend less time reading emails and more time doing, but today I spent some time on a blog I had not visited for some time, and realised what a great resource it was for those days when you need a bit of inspiration.

The author of the blog entered a prestigious competition, Armand Morin's 'Better your Best' contest, this year, and despite being new to internet marketing, won second place, the first going to someone who had been online for ten years.  So the Action Habits are working! 

Things that I picked up on which resonated with me:

The value of doing things you're scared of

'Playing the Movie' - what will your life be like in five or ten years time if you carry on doing the things you are doing now?

Finding when your prime time is - when is your best time of day, when you should work on your most important projects.

Motivation and organisation as well as inspiration are there in neat little bundles on the blog of Helen Raptoplous. Think of it as a little oasis where you can stop by and get refreshment.  Recommended!