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February and the ‘Farmer’

Well, February frankly caught up with me and passed me.  I was nearly there, but not there.  I got put off by the cost of getting set up to do a WSO and decided that I should give my finished product away on the blog here.  Just it ain't finished yet.  I am getting too involved in detail and need to sign it off.

I am still reading about the recent algorithm change that is still making waves.  The debate still carries on as to whether it was aimed at 'content farms' or particular areas (niches).  The Squidoo shake-up in 2009 springs to mind.

What is certain is that lots of marketers who do a variety of SEO and produce consistently good quality content have said they felt no ill effects.  So content is still king - did we doubt it?

Article marketing is dead - long live article marketing! 

AM works great as part of an all-round healthy internet lifestyle.