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First Goal Reached!

I was fortunate to have a call with a marketer through a product bonus, and I was looking back at what I had done since I began. This was before Christmas, near the anniversary of my online quest, and I was thinking gloomily that I had not made any money.  But wait - I logged on to Squidoo and found that one of the pages I created two years before had realised a little commission from Amazon!  Not enough to qualify as an income, but I had got something to show for my efforts; a page which other people were vistiting, not just me, and where someone had taken action!  It works, it works!

Having done the call, I came away with my plans firmer, and resolved to write some PLR to sell in order to bring in some relatively quick seed money.  Putting theory into practice means I not only have to write it, but put it in the correct format, get traffic to it and do the techy bits I find slow and hard - create download pages and so on.  It's called gathering momentum, and it is going slowly for me this time of year!  Going back to the plan and remembering how positive I felt at the time of the call helps me get back on track.

Now I have written about it on my blog, so I'll have to do it!  This reminds me of another tip I learned from Helen, whose blog I wrote about last time.  Many of you will know what an Accountability Partner is; for those that don't, you simply tell your partner (who could be a  friend, family member, colleague or someone you know through an interest or hobby) what you are going to do and achieve, and they tell you about their goals too.  Obviously there has to be something measureable, and preferably some dates!  I'm going for the end of February.  You then keep in touch at regular intervals and reveal whether you have met your goals and deadlines, then set new ones.  It's one element of mentoring, for free.  Works for some people! 

Happy New Year to you all, and best wishes with your plans, whatever stage you are at.  May your momentum build and bring you the results you desire.

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